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Main category ignored / not preserved

(new from 01-07-2019)

Hello WOOF,

I'm trying to build a product portfolio:
- there are 60 products;
- each of the products can fall into more than one category;
- there is only one "main category" chosen for each product.

However with some products, the "main category" seems to be ignored.

For example this product:
- has "Statii de benzina" set as main category;
- it still defaults to "Industrial" category (see the breadcrumb);
- inside the list of categories, the default category is "ZERO CATEGORY" (=one with no products in it).

Can you please suggest a solution?


Thanks and Cheers,

Hello again, problem solved :)

Apparently, the (incorrect) WooCommerce breadcrumbs were displayed instead of the (main-category-including) Yoast breadcrumbs.

Someone suggested a code to be inserted into functions.php; and that's what eventually replaced the Woo breadcrumbs across the website.


Hello Alex

Ok! Great!