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I'm using your plugin to make my online shop available for my wholesalers.

Therefore, I want them to be able to add to cart hundreds of items.

But your plugin limits how many items there can be in a cart to 18 items. Is there a way to lift up the limit?

Umm, actually the limit of 18 is not a thing.

But I couldn't add more products when reached 18, and after some time, the limit was off.

I will add more information about my bug, or will let you know the problem doesn't exist anymore.

Sorry for bothering, couldn't replicate the problem.

Case closed.


Thank you  for  information


Ok, I managed to replicate the problem.

It happens when you add some products on page 1, then go to page 2 and I guess add some products too fast.

Then, the cart is being... freezed. Meaning, that when I try to add more products, notification tells me that the product is added successfully but the cart quantity remains unchanged. The contains of a cart actually does not change (it's not a visual, but backend bug).

I managed to fix it only after some time by doing hard refresh on the product.

You can look at my dev site, and check if you can replicate it -


Your  link  -

Sorry, I can't find the product page on your site.