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Label or text between attributes list

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is it possible to add a label or a text between some attributes?

Like, if i need to add a text after the first three attributes in list and before the subsequent ones, is it possible?

Thank you.


You can try this  extension -

OR  use  this  hook  - 'woof_before_draw_filter'

An example:

do_action('woof_before_draw_filter',function( $key, $shortcode_atts){

if($key == 'pa_color'){

echo"Any text";



Thank you, either method i think will do the trick.

Just one question: with the"sections" extension, it would be possible to have one section opened by default (i mean when you open the page)? Because if i understand correctly only the title of the section is shown and the section is closed by default.

Thank you!


with the"sections" extension, it would be possible to have one section opened by default  - Unfortunately no


i've tried to insert the hook that you provided in the function.php file of my child theme but it's not working.

Am i missing something?



Please  drop me  wp-admin access - ->  I will check  it

I've added wordpress and ftp access (in case you need to modify functions.php file of child theme).

I've removed the hook right now, you can add it directly.

Thank you!

I'm sorry it's my fault. I gave the wrong code

now I pasted this code:

add_action('woof_before_draw_filter',function( $key, $shortcode_atts){
if($key == 'pa_marca'){

echo"<h2>Any text!!!</h2>";




Result :

Thank you very much, this is exaclty what i needed!

The ticket is resolved for me, thanks again.


I'm sorry to re-open tho topic but i've noticed that the solution that you have proponed is always visible, even if the attribute is not shown in a category.

I'll explain with an example: i have an attribute"size" that is applied on products in category"A" but not on products in category"B". So i see the attribute in the sidebar only if i'm on category page"A". If i add a Label before the attribute"size" via the shortcode that you've provided, i see the label even in category"B" page, even if the corresponding attribute is not visible.

There is a code to add to force the labels to show up only if the corresponding attribute is shown?

Thank you!


Unfortunately, we do not have a good solution for this.

All I can suggest is text display restrictions by category:

$cat_slug ="slug of the category for which you want to hide the text";

$cat_query ="ID of the category for which you want to hide the text" ."-product_cat";

if($key == 'pa_marca'  &&  ( ! is_product_category($cat_slug) || (iseet($_GET['really_curr_tax']) && $_GET['really_curr_tax'] == $cat_query))){

echo"<h2>Any text!!!</h2>";


Thsi will be perfect for me, but i've implemented the code (i have substituted"iseet" with"isset") and the labels are not visible even in the other categories.

This is the code:

$cat_slug ="allestimenti";

$cat_query ="57" ."-product_cat";

add_action('woof_before_draw_filter',function( $key, $shortcode_atts){
if($key == 'pa_segmento-lcv' && ( ! is_product_category($cat_slug) || (isset($_GET['really_curr_tax']) && $_GET['really_curr_tax'] == $cat_query))){

echo"<p>TIPOLOGIA MEZZO</p>";





Ok!  Try to move this code -

Thank you very much, now is working.

Just a last question: i need to hide the labels even on subdirectories of the"allestimenti" category.

Is it possible?


Please  drop me  a screenshots- what do you want to hide

The code that you've provided is working, but only on one category -->"allestimenti"

Since"allestimenti" have sub-categories, how can i hide the labels in these subcategories?

In the screenshot you can see that the labels are visible in the category"allestimenti" -->"mezzi-con-frigo"



In this case, you need to make this code for each category.

An example(without test)

add_action('woof_before_draw_filter',function( $key, $shortcode_atts){

$cat_slugs =array ("allestimenti","all_slugs", 'all_slags');

$cat_ids = array(57, 58, 59);

$really_curr_tax = false;


foreach($cat_ids as $id){

$cat_query =$id ."-product_cat";

if(  $_GET['really_curr_tax'] == $cat_query){

$really_curr_tax = true;



if($key == 'pa_segmento-lcv' && ( ! is_product_category($cat_slugs) || $really_curr_tax )){

echo"<p>TIPOLOGIA MEZZO</p>";



Thank you it's working!