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It does not allow updating the currency exchange

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Hello support, I am testing your WOOCS product - WooCommerce Currency Switcher but when a customer makes a purchase in a currency for example in US dollars and then the order is edited through the admin panel in the option Change order currency to B / . This complete failure, here I send you a video that explains what the failure is.
My question is is there any way to solve this bug? if they know please send the solution thank you.



There is no mistake. Everything works correctly.  this option changes the order currency and does not affect the amount -

Friend has to see the video that I leave here and see that the plugin has a fault. And if not, can you tell me how to solve the error I have? thanks


I saw your video and understood you. Please see my previous post OR  check any  order - You will see in this field the information that this setting is only if you create an order manually. This setting changes the currency and does not change the price, and this is the point

Good morning friend, could you create a modification or extension for me to use when editing an order? And that this plugin can do the currency exchange and can adjust the real values as it does in the frontend as well as shown in the video that I send you? I would pay you for the extension!


unfortunately we don't have time for custom tasks