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issues with divi

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I have been using WOOF on my woocomm site for years and love it.  I am redoing the site using divi and would like to also keep using WOOF and also purchase the full version.  For some reason when WOOF is enabled the gallery does not work with divi when in visual editor.


Do you have any ideas what is going on with this?

Actually doesn't seem like it really works at all with divi....shows page not found when using WOOF.


Paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -

What version of the plugin are you using?

I currently have the free version.  I would buy the full version if it would help.  I have Version 1.2.3 installed.

admin info in private data area.

Did some more testing and it will filter if choosing categories but will not work if using text to search. Also if it is enabled the visual editor has some issues in divi.

I LOVE your plugin and will purchase the full version if it does what I need it to do.  I haven't found anything else that works the way yours does.

I am running php version 5.6...  If I upgrade to anything above the site will not load.  Not sure if there is another plugin causing that or what.  Could that be a reason it's having trouble? doesn't show anything...

This is a test site with very few products and plugins installed.  Working on building a new site for which I use your plugin on and works great.  BUT...I'd like to use divi to design the new site.

Any ideas?  I would really like to be able to use WOOF on my new site....


Try in file - wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\ext\by_text\index.php - uncomment this code -  AND  do test's closer but still not working right.  So now it doesn't go to a page not found but it doesn't actually complete the text search.

Also if I choose uncategorized category it says there is nothing there.


I checked  it -  AND

Yes it works fine with one choice but when you choose a category AND search text it doesn't work.

See here,

Also for some reason when choosing "test cat 2" it shows nothing even though there is one product in that category.  But it does show them if i choose test cat 2 and another one....


Ok!  Please drop me FTP access

ok done, info in private data box



Unfortunately, I cannot fix this. I passed it to the developers

Developers of the plugin?  Will they or you reply here?  Just wondering if I should be looking for a different plugin to do what I need.

With that said...I hope not as WOOF does exactly what I want.


Yes, I will answer you here. If we do not find a solution, you can request a refund.