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Issue with Copying Array

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Hi, I am trying to copy an array in different products with the"binded editing" method you describe in your videos, however I encounter an issue, the array is not copied and in the product page I get this error in place of the array:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ucpa4911/public_html/wp-content/themes/adventure-tours/templates/admin/tour-booking-row.php on line 88

How can I solve this?

This is the code in the file that the error refers to:


87 $row_exact_dates = isset( $row['exact_dates'] ) ? $row['exact_dates'] : array();
88 foreach ( $row_exact_dates as $_date ) {
89 echo adventure_tours_render_template_part( $exact_date_template, '', array(
90 'value' => $_date,
91 'row_field_name' => $row_field_name,
92 ), true );
93 }
94 ?>


I downloaded the array in a csv, this is how it looks like there:





Here is a video screenshot of the array type that I am trying to copy, as it appears in WOOBE:


Hope this issue can be solved, the plug in would solve me a huge amount of time in inserting this arrays manually!

Hello - It must be an array. unfortunately the plugin cannot add another level

Try to add ["2019-02-03","2019-02-10"]

No I am not able to make it work. Do you think there is a work around so that I can obtain what I am trying to do? I am not interested in the visualisation of the arrays, I would be more than happy to be able just to copy the arrays in text format, for example just pasting this:


in text form. Is there a way this could be achieved?


Try  to add  this  code:

if(!is_array( $row_exact_dates )){

$row_exact_dates=explode (",",$row_exact_dates );



This seems to work! I'll test it further, if no issues this is awesome, it will save me so many hours of work!

Not completely there yet, can now see the touir periods successfully added back end, but in the front end I get this error:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ucpa4911/public_html/wp-content/themes/adventure-tours/includes/classes/AtTourBookingService.php on line 376


and the code on that file is this:

373. $times = !empty( $period['times'] ) ? $period['times'] : array();
375. if ( ! empty( $period['exact_dates'] ) ) {
376. foreach ( $period['exact_dates'] as $_date ) {
377. //TODO improve!
378. $this->expand_times( $result, $_date, $expanded_value, $times );
379. }
380. }
382. return $result;
383. }
385. protected function expand_period_default( $period, $expanded_value, $step = '+1 day' ) {
386. $result = array();
388. $iterationsLimit = $this->expandIterationsLimit > 1 ? $this->expandIterationsLimit : 5000;
390. $curTime = $this->to_time( $period['from'] );
391. $endTime = $this->to_time( $period['to'] );


Is there anything that can be done to make it work?

I discovered the issue is solved if the product is updated in the back end, it looks like it needs to refresh the product after the WOOBE work to import the new data in the front end booking system. Is that something that can be done automatically without me going into each product and clicking update?


Try  to add code -

if(!is_array( $period['exact_dates'] ){

$period['exact_dates'] =explode (",",$period['exact_dates'] );


unfortauntely it doesn't work. That way I can get to see them in the front end but the dates are still not actually bookable. I believe the key lies into updating the product after the changes are applied


Unfortunately, I cannot offer anything else.

It's ok don't worry, even with this issue it still works pretty well for me. Thanks for developing the plug in and for the support!