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Integration with essential grid

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Hi, I would be interested in buying your plugin, before buying it I would like to know if it is still compatible with the "essential grid" plugin and if it will allow me to create filters like:

- Top selling products;
- Top rated products;
- Price order from the most expensive to the cheapest and vice versa

Thanks for your help


Hello Sveen

Please  watch  video -

Try  free  version -

"essential grid" - Read  this -

- Top selling products; - No

- Top rated products; - Use  this  extension -

Price order from the most expensive to the cheapest and vice versa - You described the standard woocommerce sorting functionality. My plugin is a filter and does not affect the sorting of products


I bought the pro version on codecanyon, but I didn't understand how to install the "tpl_essential" plugin, if I try to install it the installation fails.


Please  watch  video( time 8:00) -

Thanks, I managed to install the plugin.

I didn't understand between these

What value should I enter here

Also because the gallery appears without filter on the left




Use alias

To  add filer  add widget  OR  shortcode [woof]

Hi thanks for the help, I have another problem, I inserted the filter shortcode inside an elementor block so that scrolling down the page, the filter goes down. However I noticed that the whole filter goes down correctly except the price bar, why?


it seems this is a CSS conflict with a third-party plugin "elementor"

Try to change  slider  type -

Thank you very much, I have another problem with the settings. When I set to display only one category, all the available attributes remain visible in the filter, even those that are not in the category.

So if I click on an attribute that isn't in the category, the search obviously doesn't give me results. How can I hide attributes not present in the category?

And where can I translate "price"?

Thanks for your help


Hello Sveen

Please check  options -

And where can I translate "price"? - As standard string. You can use   -


Hi, is there a way to enable autohide only from mobile?

In practice, I would like to see the filter completely from the desktop, while from the mobile you see only the button.


For show or hide widgets -

In  woof widget set -


Check  option -