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Instock filter for Product Variations working Extremely slow

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The In stock filter for product variations is working extremely slow on our website. Customers complained the same to us.

You can check the same in this recorded video:

I am using a good server configuration and have implemented Caching too.

Kindly suggest a solution.



Read  this -

Try  to use  this cache - plugin settings->Advanced->Options -

I tried this setting and been running it from a week but it is still superslow. Specially for 'In Stock' filter for variations. I request you to have a look.


Please  do test  on incognito mode.

also if the products have so many options it can cause slow work

Also in the new version of the plugin there will be an opportunity to speed up the search

Not Many. Just one 'Size' Variation filter. Check our website once you'll see it takes around 30 secs at times to load. Its frustrating for customers.

I was using Product Filter for Woocommerce plugin before this and it was working fine but migrated because of their pathetic support.

Your plugin is much better and great support but kindly solve my speed issue and I will be sorted.

Thank you.


Drop  me wp-admin access -


Thank you.


Your  site  very slow! normal page takes more than 20 seconds to load  -

I think you should contact hosting support, and whether to switch to a more powerful server

We just confirmed with our server guys Cloudways. They say there was an website attack that happened which increased the server load hence it was slow. We are working so as it doesn't happen again. We are using a Digital Ocean server with good configuration for the amount of traffic we get.

You can check now its working fine and opening within 4 seconds. I humbly request you to check the speed issue for 'instock' filter for variations.

Hello - it doesn't make sense now .  the site is still loading very slowly

We uninstalled a plugin which was creating an issue with speed and now its definitely ok. Tested with atleast 10 different systems across the day.

But we also tested our website with a developer and he says that WOOF plugin is slowing down the website. Its easily adding 4-5 secs for instock filter and even more for instock query on size variations.

I have created a clone application on the server you can check for yourself by uninstalling the plugin. Clone details are updated in private data.

For now I have reinstalled my old plugin on my live website till WOOF issue is solved.



I did  test - - filtering takes about one second

Yes that's because the category you opened is of limited products. Try opening Helmets category. Check this video from my side


It doesn't matter which category I'm doing the test !

The main thing is to make the test not logged  as an administrator! In this case, the cache will work correctly.  Use  incognito mode

Tried in Incognito mode too. Infact made my sales team take a feedback from customers too. All have this complain that its working too slow.

I think this issue is getting dragged with miscommunication. I respect your valuable time and don't want to be a pain to you, but if possible lets connect on a teamviewer/anydesk and I demonstrate the slow speed.

Warm Regards,

Arbaaz Sha Muzawer


Test  on  Helmets category -

Pablo, I absolutely have no idea why its fast for you and slow for me.

Incognito mode is on. Internet is fast. But still!


Very important! You do not have to be logged in as administrator.

In my case, the cache works correctly