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Insert different filters on different pages

(new from 01-07-2019)
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Hello, I want to use a custom taxonomy filter on one page of my website, and a different custom taxonomy filter for another page.

In one section of my web I want the "Vestidos" filter and in another the "Tops" filter (see image 1 and image 2).

I have read the following page:!/section_3_1
but I don't know which shortcode to use specifically.

Please, I feel very lost with the WOOF filter, I need help. I really appreciate it. Thank you!


Try  this  shortcode

[woof by_only='none' tax_only='vestidos']

Perfect, thank you very much !! That is just what I need.

Another question: in a specific filter can I order to redirect to a specific page?
For example: in the case of the filter for [woof by_only = 'none' tax_only = 'dresses'] I want it redirected to a specific page.
And in the filter for [woof by_only = 'none' tax_only = 'tops'] I want it redirected to a different page.

Can this be done with shortcode? In that case, what shortcode?

Thanks again!!


Yes! Please read docs ( ) -

Cool! Thank you
How can I integrate it with the shortcode you gave me earlier?:  [woof by_only = 'none' tax_only = 'vestidos']

I've tried like this and it doesn't work: [woof by_only = 'none' tax_only = 'vestidos' redirect='http://']

I want to clarify that it redirects. But the filtered products do not appear on this new page (image).

You can do the test in this link:

Here I have added this shortcode: [woof by_only = 'none' tax_only = 'pantalones, colores_de_pantalones, tallas_de_pantalones' redirect = '']

To do the test, use the filter on the left sidebar (image).



Of course this will not work!

Because you do not display products on this page.

Use  native  woo shortcodes  OR  [woof_products]

Great, all solved! Thank you very very much :)