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Insert different filters on different pages

(new from 01-07-2019)
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I have a travel-agency and I want to show my products on 2 different pages.

  • FIRST PAGE = Individual trips
  • SECOND PAGE = Group-Travel

My products are a list of suppliers and every supplier is selling different country's and different kinds of trips.

So what I did:

I assigned to every product a category (Continent: eg. Europe) and some child-categories (Country's: eg. Spain, Italy, Germany, France, …)

So, In the Woocommerce-products-filter (by realmag777) you can choose a Continent-->Country and all suppliers are shown. This works correct.

But I assigned alsy to every product 1 attribute (this can be Individual trips OR Group-Travel OR BOTH.)

I don't want an extra choice in the same filter.

As I have 2 different pages on my website (1 for the individual trips and 1 for the Group-Travel), I want only the individual trips in the filter, schown on page 1 and only the group-trips in the filter, displayed on page 2.

I know I can do all this with an extra choice in the filter (individual or group), but I wonder if this is possible without a clients-choice (as they haven choosen page 1 or 2)

NOW my questions :

  1. Is this possible and which code I have to use?
  2. Where do I put that code?

Best Regards




Categories are : EUROPE - AFRICA - USA - etc...

Each Categorie has children : For EUROPE is this SPAIN, ITALY, GERMANY, etc..CategoreieC

Hello Filip

What  you  use   for  "Individual trips" AND "Group-Travel" - taxonomy(tag or attribute) OR  meta field

Use  shortcodes  [woof] AND [woof_products] on custom pages  with attribute taxonomies -

For show or hide widgets on different pages -

Hi, I tried as follows :

[woof sid="auto_shortcode" autohide=0 taxonomies=pa_aard-van-de-reis:491]
[woof_products per_page=8 columns=3 is_ajax=0 taxonomies=pa_aard-van-de-reis:491]

This works!

I didn't tell you all: I am using DIVI and it seems only to be possible to filter on categories. (so, filtering on attributes is not possible)

Any suggestion?



Sorry I did not understand you

Please drop  me  exact  link to the  issue

attribute filter not showing or not working?


This is my shop-page :

This is the answer I received today from DIVI-team:

Okay I got it - WOOF will only work on default shop page that comes with WooCommerce we can't apply that on a Divi Builder module.



Very strange!

Please paste your license key here - and  wp-admin access -  And  exact  link to  the  (divi)page  where  you want show filter


The attribute has 3 results (see shop-page) - See problem above


Paste your license key here - 

You have inserted the wrong code

I have put everything I found on the invoice  in the private data box.

I don't know which number is the license Key



To get  license  key -

OK, I hope my license is now correct


I did test -


I had never thought to put the WOOF-code in a (DIVI-)text box.

This works. Thanks for that.

Now, I want ONLY to show the Categories in the filter (and not the attributes)


( i am trying to do it with :

What is the WOOF-code for that ??

You may change it because everything is in  test-version


Use [woof by_only="none" tax_only="product_cat"] AND  read  this  please -

You can test  it here -