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Increase specific price range to another one

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Hi, I tried to change a specific group of product price from $499 to $399 but cannot find a way to do that. Is there a way to do this? Please let me know.


Please  describe  it  in  more  detail

Please  watch a  video -  AND

Hi, I want to specifically target all products in my store with price only $499 changing to $399

Did  you  watch    videos?

Describe in more detail why you failed to do this


I watched the video. It does not help unfortunately.

All the products I want to change are variable products and every products price ranges from $299 to $724. I'm not sure if the app cannot detect specifically the price. I tried on some minority group of products and none of them change at all.

Please let me know how.


OK! Then let's start by filtering.

Did you manage to filter the products that you want to change? If not, please  drop  me  a  video  with  the  issue

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, previously I did filter out as much as possible but still cannot. Is it possible just to add another feature of targeting a price point and change to another one?

Is it possible just to add another feature of targeting a price point and change to another one? - Unfortunately I do not understand what you want to do

In order to change the prices in the product:

  1. filter these products
  2.  Set  new  prices

there is no other way

I did that and it didnt change a thing.

That's why I suggest to include a feature to target the EXACT price of all products and CHANGE TO another one.

eg, TARGET ALL products with EXACT price $499 and CHANGE all of them to $399

$499 -> $399


Ok!  Can you  create  a  video  with  the  issue?

What plugin version number are you using?



Currently using v.
Please let me know if there is anything wrong with the step I made. Thanks.


Please paste your license key here - ->

Update  the  plugin  to  latest  version -

clear all  cache  and  do a test

I already paste the license key as requested. My current version is the latest right?


Latest  version  is -

Please  update the  plugin

hi, i tried to update the plugin but stuck on verifying the token. I checked all the boxes as requested but come out the error below.


Incorrect token permissions, please generate another token or fix the permissions on the existing token.

Please ensure only the following permissions are enabled:

  1. View and search Envato sites
  2. Download your purchased items
  3. List purchases you've made

Additional Error Details:
Found too many permissions on token..


Please  write  to  envato plugin support


delete  the  old  version and install  the  new  version( all  settings  will  be saved