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I only want to make a toggled Product Categories sidebar menu to do this please?

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Hi there,

I bought this plugin to only use it to make a toggled Product Categories sidebar menu.  Frustratingly, I can't work out how to do this!
We have the Pro version

Help please!  ...and thank you in advance for your time.


please  drop me  exact  link to the  issue.

Describe the problem in more detail: what should I do to get an error

Thank you Pablo for responding :)

This is a link to our development site:

I have put the widget in the lefthand sidebar - and called it 'Product Categories (Woof)'.

I want it to show the same sort of display that the other product categories widget that is directly underneath the Woof one

...and  in the right-hand sidebar of your demo site, here:

I do not need any other sort of filtering at all ...I just want a dependable and well coded stable Product Categories menu (You came well recommended by a good Russian coder that I know)

Many thanks for your time :)


Your link  -

Please  add  wp-admin access - ->

Ah, that's interesting ...we use GTranslate plugin and it looks as though it is geographically giving you the 'ru' version  (  If it allows you, please make sure you are at the real version of the site:

I am including the information you asked for.
Many thanks for your time  :)


Yes, but I’m being redirected to this link all the time, even if I use VPN

Luckily our host on chat suggested deactivating the plugin in that development site, so maybe clear cookies etc and hopefully now you will be able to access it.
I never thought of doing that, duh ;)

with best wishes and many thanks for your time again :)


I did a filter like on my demo site