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How to display ONLY products in drop down with greater than 0 products?

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When a category is selected in the top option, I only want products from that category to be shown in the lower dropdowns, such as Sheave Diameter at
How do I accomplish this?  In the configuration "Hide Empty Terms" is in red, and there is no option "Yes", only "No".
WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter v.1.2.3 in WordPress  5.2.3


This is available only in the paid version of the plugin.

perfect, I will install the paid version, will you provide directions on implementing this feature, or will it occur with my current settings?


Please paste your license key here - and  wp-admin access -

How do I get to either of those pages? What are their URLs?
I do find a "code" at the download section, not sure if that is what you are referring to...
Maybe I figured it out, it is an option in this forum?  If so I pasted what was in the download section



Yes  click  it -  - And add your license key here  and  wp-admin access -

I put the purchase code in already, is that the same as the license code?   I would have no idea unless you advise.
I have added the site access information.


Please pay attention to which field you should insert this key( ) - 

I check  id -

Sorry we have a communication issue.  Your lack of clear instructions makes this difficult.
While you do not specify it, I am using your "private data for this topic" pop out display, and have entered the purchase code and the admin login credentials.  If you don't see it, then there is something wrong with this system and you need to provide an alternative.

I can email you the credentials if desired, as I will simply eliminate them after you are done.

Please advise quickly.  I made this purchase with the understanding that this feature would work.

I finally figured out your instructions.  I think the problem is now resolved, perhaps it was a cache issue?


Ok!  Great!