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How to change products attribute visible on shoppage

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When I export my product I can see that every attributes has 4 fields (Value, name, Visible and global), I would like to find a way to change value in field Visible. I have a lot of products and for some reason the attributes are shown on shoppage eventhough they in"WC Attribute menu manager" is set to hidden, and"Enable archives?" is not active.

My question is: Can I somehow via WOOBE change the field Attribute 1 Visible field, like all other fields, can you inform me the metadataname for the 4 types of fields regarding attributes. Hopefully you can understand what I mean and can help me find a way to multichange selected fields.

Looking forward hearing from you


To change the visibility on simply products   -   AND  variable products  -

Nice learned new tricks :D,

I would like also:

  • In filter to be able to find all products with hidden colour,
  • Add a columm, so I can see the value (hidden or visible  - 0 or 1) to change for specific products

Sometimes you would like to show the value on some products and hide on others, to use the solution that works, I must run Bulk for each attribute (and I have a lot ) either hidden og visible. Then set filter for specific products and use bulk again for those, not being able to see how far you got if you got disturbe meanwhile.

So it would be nice to have the fieldname so they can be added as a columm using metadataname.


Sorry hope you understand I have problems writing it :D


Not sure I understood you correctly

use  check  option -

In filter to be able to find all products with hidden colour, - unfortunately there is no such filter

Perfect, now my problem is solved. I use a Danish version so sometimes it is difficult you know what fields logicly is called. You have made it so much easier.

You plugin saves me for hours of extra work, nice way to dobblecheck somethings and ofcause change a lot quickly. Also love the export posibillity. :D


Welcome;) - rate please the plugin if you liked it ...