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how to add hint/info to columns on mouseover

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hi, is it posible to add information for the columns on mouseover? so clients can better understand what each column represents. The hint/info should only apear when mouse hover over the column.


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature.

But I will pass your idea on to the developers.

Describe this functionality in more detail.  Do you mean add the hint/info  for the titles? -


yes, for the titles and also for each cell, when hovering over .

I am using it for a Car Bateries table, and it would be great for me to be able to give more details about what each column contains, because in order to keep the titles width as short as needed, some titles must be abbreviated, so I have to explain what "V", "A", "Ah" and other abbreviations means.

It would be 1 note/hint for each column, because each column contains one type of data.

There is one option called "Display cell info" with the description "Display cell info on its mouse hover", wich seems to be what I want, but it doesnt seems to do anything.

Have to add, great plugin.



The option "Display cell info" does display a box with the Post Name and the Cell Title, BUT it seems to be conflicting with my theme, because it stays hidden below another DOM element. Sems z-index or something is wrong. Also, the info is displayed Top-Right very far from the cell being hovered, so most people will not see the info, and even if seen, the distance between the info and the hovered cell is too big so it becomes unconfortable.

I understand that for very big tables, with many columns, being able to see the Post Title could be usefull, but that could be better achieved making the column fixed and always visible even when scrolling, like Excell does.


That option should not be called "Display cell info", instead should be "Display cell title" or something like that, because it leads to confusion.


Thank you for your time.



Thank  you  for  cooperation!

I think we will add this in the next version of the plugin.

Hi again,

I realy need to be able to show custom text on mouse-over each field. The text could be the "Notes" in the "Columns" section.

Since "Width" only represents minimum-width and not maximum, I am not able to have the desired size for each column, so I am forced to use 1 key words instead of the full word.

See next image:

So where you see P, V, Ah, A, in each of those columns I need to give some details to the customer. Since many will not know what those words mean.

If I try and put the full word P = Polaridad, V = Voltaje, the width of the column will be too much.

So it would be great to have the Notes displayed on mouse-over and besides that, would be great to have a Legend at the bottom and/or top of the table, where it would be always visible a explanation of those words.


I understood you. The developers added this task to the "to do" list

But now we are working on a new version of another plugin.