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How to add compare column to the table?

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I purchased WOOT - WooCommerce Products Tables Professional from code canyon but I cannot see the "compare" to add it as a column field. What am I missing?

Thank you.


Please  read  this -

I have read that multiple times, but I don't understand where that interface should be in the plugin's settings. This is what I see on MY settings tab. No trace of Compare and Favorites columns. Do I need to install those extensions manually? How? Where do I take them from? I understood that the premium paid plugin should have had them. Could you please be more specific in your answer/support?

This plugin was purchased from codecanion on Nov 25, 2020 and installed the same day. It may be that is an old version? I see people in this forum referring to V2.2.4 yet it installed as 2.0.3 for me. I don't see the "premium" extensions in the Settings tab (compare, favorites, attachments), as shown in the print screen replied above...


In  bundle ( which you downloaded from codecanion ) there are additional plugins to expand the functionality. Please  install  it

That did it. I only downloaded the WP plugin zip at first. It wasn't clear in the documentation where these extensions might be. Thank you.

I wonder if there is a possibility to have a horizontal scroll for multiple products added to the comparison? Long titled products push out the other products and make them invisible in the popup display (Edge/Chrom browsers).


Please  drop  me  exact  link to the  issue

I added a link to the private data for this topic. Thank you for taking a look at it.


Can  you create screenshots? I cannot repeat this error

I have added two screenshots in the Private data for this topic. I want to keep this page private. Thank you.


My  test  in EDGE - the video  in private data

It seems that the piece of code rendering the horizontal scroll is not reliable across the browsers. And I see it in your video as well, when loading the table, there is no scroll as well. What do you do to activate it?! How is a user going to know how to activate it? You have seen my picture missing that brown scroll, right?


 What do you do to activate it?! - I don't do anything it just appears after half a second

What do you do to activate it?! - I don't do anything it just appears after half a second

NO, it doesn't appear by itself, no matter how long I am waiting. HOWEVER, I just discovered that moving the mouse's Wheel leads to showing that horizontal scroll bar. NOT showing if I don't use the mouse Wheel. So there's got to be something with the code rendering the bar?


Ok!  You can  try  in  file - \wp-content\plugins\woot-products-tables\assets\js\popup-23.js  add  code -

let _this=this;
setTimeout(function(){ _this.node.querySelector('.woot-modal-inner-content').dispatchEvent(new Event('scroll')); }, 2000);

I added it, but in my file is at line 289. I have the file version: * @version 1.0.0 * @file popup-23

It seems that is not working, except when I move the mouse wheel, only then the horizontal scroll appears.




Try this  code:

let _this=this;
setTimeout(function(){ _this.node.querySelector('.woot-modal-inner-content').dispatchEvent(new Event('scroll')); }, 4000);

Just did. No, still the same. Scroll only appears after moving the mouse wheel.


Ok!  Try  in  file - \wp-content\plugins\woot-compare\assets\js\compare.js

add code -

let _this=this.popup;
setTimeout(function(){ _this.node.querySelector('.woot-modal-inner-content').dispatchEvent(new Event('scroll')); }, 1000);

clear all cache  and  do a test