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Hoping BEAR can do this, copy existing media to product attachment .

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Hoping there is a way to automate this.

Most of the products have up to three PDF files that need to be associated.

I've got the Product Attachment for WooCommerce plugin setup for this, and all of the PDF's (almost 2,000) in the media library named like (sku#-parts.pdf, sku#-flyer.pdf, sku#-general.pdf). Not all products have all three PDF's and some don't have any.

Within the Product Attachment for WooCommerce plugin section while editing a product, the sheets would need names like Parts Sheet, Flyer Sheet, and General Sheet as per the file names that match the sku# of the product.

Any way to do this? If not in the regular BEAR maybe a customization?


Unfortunately, I didn't understand what my plugin should edit.

It also depends on how the third-party plugin stores data.  Please  watch a  video -

After watching your video I was able to display the post_meta fields used by the Product Attachment for WooCommerce plugin, I've attached screenshots of the plugin input at the bottom of the standard WooCommerce product editor, as well as the fields in BEAR and phpMyAdmin, hope that helps.

I tried editing those meta fields in BEAR, they were saved, but it didn't produce an actual attachment on the product. So there must be more going on in the code.

I've added login credentials for the site if you want to look at it first hand. The attachment plugin is very popular so it would be great if it could work with BEAR.



give me a different user role. User must have: manage_options

I've added  manage_options to your shop_manager role.

Let me know if that is enough. Thanks

Forgot to mention also granted the theme and site health capabilities so you can see functions.php and server setup.


In fact, my plugin is editing these fields -  But it looks like a third-party plugin performs additional manipulations with this data when you click the"Update" button.