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Hierarchy drop-down will not show 2nd and 3rd subcategories in the dropdown boxes.

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Hierarchy drop-down will not show 2nd and 3rd subcategories, sub-subcategories in the dropdown boxes. Please help, this is very urgent for me. I have tried for many days to solve this problem. Here is a link to the page:

I also tried with only the basic WordPress 2019 theme and I disabled ALL plugins except Woocommerce and WOOF and it still won't work. I have followed all instructions in the documentation and the plugin will not show the 2nd and 3rd categories.



I checked  it -

Looks like it works until the second step.

Please drop me  wp-admin access  here -


I finally got it working. Thank you.


Great! Welcome;)

I really love this plugin, it was just what I needed! I was wondering if there is a way to hide ALL results until the final dropdown box is selected. Right now I am using the shortcode below but it shows all products after the first dropdown box is selected. My client wants to hide all products until the last dropdown box is selected. Is this possible?

[woof_products display_on_search=1 is_ajax=1 per_page=4 dp=0]


but it shows all products after the first dropdown box is selected. -  yes, because the search query is executed

try  to  use  attribute  ajax_redraw=1  in  [woof] - Products will be displayed only after pressing the button "Filter".

This is perfect! Thanks very much!


Welcome;) - rate please the plugin if you liked it ...

Hi Pablo, I just noticed that if I use "ajax_redraw=1  in  [woof] " it results with double results for some reason. In other words, the final product is shown twice - on the top and then again below it. I even tried with the basic Wordpress 2019 theme and removing plugins. How can I prevent it from showing double?


It does not depend on this setting.

Looks like  the shop template has two container products -

Try  to add  shortcode [woof_products ] here -

Thanks. This something to do with Elementor as it works fine on a standard WP page. Placing the [woof_products ] in a separate Elementor HTML box seems to help. Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely rate the product (and support) as excellent on CodeCanyon!


Thank  you and  welcome;)

Hi Pablo, how can I use woof ajax_redraw=0 and have the results appear on the same pages as the WOOF filter?

I thought this was resolved but it isn't. You showed me why my search results are showing duplicate results  but I don't know if it's safe for me to simply deleted one of those lines of code? I can't afford to pay a developer right now.

Instead, is there a way that I can show the search results on the same page where the WOOF filter is located? It works fine (only shows one result) when I use

woof ajax_redraw=0 

but when it pulls up a separate results page using

woof ajax_redraw=1

and I get the results shown twice. I need to use woof ajax_redraw=0 because I need to hide the results and keep the FILTER button. Can you help me please?

Never mind - this Elementor/WOOF  conflict is giving me too much trouble. I'm just going to use a standard HTML page without Elementor as that seems to work fine.  Thanks anyway.


Ok! Welcome;)

Hello Pablo, can’t this filter be used on a homepage? Can you tell me why the Woof filter won’t work on a Homepage but works fine on a non-homepage?

I built the filter as you suggested and it works fine on this test page:

The results show underneath the filter and shows only one result, just as I want it.

But if I set that test page to be my homepage, or if I create a new homepage and copy-paste that shortcode into it - the results will always open a different  page and show duplicates like here:

I don't want it to open a different page, I want it to show results underneath like it does on the testpage. I thought this was a problem with Elementor but it’s not because I removed Elementor. Any ideas as to what may be the problem? I have created admin access for you and pasted the credentials in the private area for your access. Thank you.


woof homepage problem



Please  drop me  FTP access

OK I just place the FTP credentials in the private data section. Thanks!


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