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Hide empty not working

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I am using this page for mobile devices:

I have it set to hide empty.  I'm not sure if that is really what I need.  I want the table filters to work so if a item in the first drop down menu does not exist in the next drop down it should not appear.  Please advise.


I have it set to hide empty. - Where did you set it up?

For a more advanced filter use this plugin -

I set in table settings.  The code:

[woot id=3 woof_step autosubmit=0 filter_type=1 by_step=”tax:color_base:Color, tax:color_name: Name of Color ,tax:door_style,tax:drawer_front,title:Title,tax:barnds:Manufacturer,image,price”]  [woof_products is_ajax=0 display_on_search=1]

I want to select an item from the color base then have only the items associated with that appear in color name, etc.  The code show the results in the table to all items are available to select from the drop downs.  Link to my page:

Where do you put this?  From the demos it looks like it's a php file.  I want to add the short code to the page.


Please  read  docs -

The shortcodes you wrote don't make sense

If you want such a filter use the plugin -  - Read  this -


I need to set logic ‘AND‘ for any taxonomies in the WOOF search request.  Can this be done in short code?

So select the color base then the color name will only show what is the color base selected, etc.

I am doing it with this page:

Not using Woot.  Works exactly like I want be very slow to load.  Woot is much faster and I want to update the pages to Woot.

I'm struggling to get this to work.


To  set the  logic "AND" -

Please tell me where to find the area to configure.


In  additional  options - - >

Please watch  a  video -