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Hey so I'm building this website for a client.  They have over 20,000 products so going through UI to tag products with vehicle make and model information would take a massive amount of time.  The only thing that makes sense is to export the products to a CSV, manage their tags/meta-data in a spreadsheet then re-import that data back into WooCommerce.  The only problem is that the product export from WooC does not include the year/make/model etc.

I've drilled in and looked at all the data.  I see how the YMM data is handled, how terms are translated to an ID and associated with various product ID's.  I get it.

The question is, "Is there a good/easy way to export the products along with their YMM data to a CSV for easy management of large amounts of data?"



Hello Nick

Standard woo export/import  should correctly transfer all taxonomies