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Filtering issues

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I found some issues and have questions to ask.
Even though you filter by price, the Reset button would not show.
In the same page, if I sort products, I don't want to disable your function.
Simply, I want to use the Woocommerce default function to sort.
Is it possible?

After I filter products by price, the page shows the text "price range". How can I change this?


Even I activate the On sales checkbox extension, but it doesn't show in frontend.


Could you support with this?


Paste your license key here - and  wp-admin access -


OK. I found it and entered the date.

Thank you.


1) fixed

2) Not sure I understood you correctly - It seems sorting with filtering works well

3) You can translate it as any standard string.

4) Just enable it -

Update plugin to latest version


1) Thank you ;)

2) When I sort products, I want to use the Woocommerce standard sorting function, not your function. I want to use your function only when filtering by brand, price, category etc.  Is it possible?

3) Your .pot file doesn't have the string so I can not translate by Loco translate plugin. Could you also add the string?

4) Thank you ;)


2 My plugin does not affect sorting. And it does not have a sorting function, only filtering

3 Try  to recreate  this  file


2. Please check the below video. It seems your plugin is involved when products are sorted.


3. OK. I added the string to the .pot file. Now it is working.


Thank you.


You  mean   information at the top of the screen.  my plugin only shows info about sorting but does not affect functionality

You  can disable  it at all -


in file - plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\js\front.js add  code -

if (index == 'orderby') {


Update plugin to  latest version


Thank you.

I took the second option but how can I hide the Reset button after sorting. But I need the Reset button when filtering ONLY.


I don't exactly mean the information at the top of the screen only. If you can disable the sorting function and use the Woocommerce default sorting function instead, it will work as I expected ;)






But I need the Reset button when filtering ONLY.  - Unfortunately not! In this case, filtering will not be compatible with sorting.

My plugin does not affect sorting, but must hear the sorting data to give the correct result

OK. I understand.

Thank you for your support ;)


I have a question. After sorting products by price, I saw your parameter "swoof" in URL like below image.

Or you can check in our website

I just want to make sure this is what I mean that I guess your plugin is working when sorting.

Did I clearly make you understand before?





I described this in a previous message -  You  can  delete  this  properties - - the result will be the same


No. The result is not the same. If I remove your parameter, there is not Reset Button any more, which I want for the sorting function.
Please check the attached images.




I mean - sorting will be the same

I already wrote to you about the reset button - this behavior cannot be changed


I have a small question. I want to filer by sub categories as well. How can I set up?

Thank you.


Unfortunately labels do not work with hierarchy