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I am trying to filter products to bulk edit by product name and sizes but when i do it shows all sizes.

example i want to take all test tshirt sizes xs-xl and price them at 24.95.

but its also showing me sizes 2x-5x when filters


this is the link to website when i filter products by name and sizes all sizes show up not the filtered ones only


Please watch  video  -

To change  exact  variant  - check option -  and  select attributes -

i tried this, i will try again. I saw the video already.


why cant it work directly from filtering? it would be so much better and quicker

product number 123

sizes xs s m l xl


then inside bulk edit

reg price 24.95

then all products from variation 123 sizes xs-xl would be priced at 24.95

please advise

thank you


I know I can click on variations and binded but then I have to choose each one individually and that takes TOO much time.


this shows the filter not working

how do i add a new attribute only to a specific group of products


Please paste   wp-admin access -   I will  check it

Sorry, I do not have access to your link

how do i add a new attribute only to a specific group of products - Use  filter and  add  attributes -

thank you send login details




the above link is an image from your video

the above image is from my website

the above link it to video showing not working


Open access to your link. I can not see your video

your  settings -

sorry you can view now


this is correct behavior

please  watch  video -

again i already watch this video

why cant i edit taxomnies from the bulk edit?

doing it in filtering takes to long.

i have to input each product number and i have thousands. is there a quicker way. i have male and female products. attributes were all assigned. but now its gone. i have male female color and sizes. it has to be a quicker way

your plugin is great but it can be so much better if you can just filer products based on sku , then variable ,and attributes .

why does taxomy disappear when you select variable products on the




why cant i edit taxomnies from the bulk edit? - You can do it without problems! But  for parent products

why does taxomy disappear when you select variable products  - Because the variations do not have a taxonomy. it is impossible for an variant to add to remove the taxonomy.