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Dear Customer support, filter widget doesn't work in safari.

May you please help?

Thank you for your kind support

Wiva Group


Please  check  your access -

You can  create  a video with the issue(please  open browser console)

Hi, here you can find the video of the issue

thank you


You can enter the backoffice by means of the private data I wrote

Thank you


Please check  your access -

please look at the private data; they are correct. Please mind the upppercase / lowercase letters.

Wiva Group

Sorry that the first one was W, so please try again. Thank you again


Please  update  plugin to latest  version -

This button is not a function of my plugin -   Do you  customize  a plugin code? Please  delete your  custom CSS  and  do test

Hi, I updated the filter, it doesn't work. regarding the icon, I would like to customize your magnifying glass icon, but as I replace it with an identical file (autoshow_button.png), placed in same folder as the original, /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-products-filter/img, the icon DISAPPEARS, and I really don't know why. That's why I put in it's place a transparent image, and used an Icon (image not linked) in the same place of the module, but the link is still working, because I didn't delete your icon. I don't know if my explanation is clear. In the link, I send the png image I tried to upload instead of your old one, but as I did it, it doesn't show anymore.

Thank you


The problem is not in the image. Why the icon does not appear: Your server is blocking this -

why this does not work on other browsers - It looks like your image overlaps the filter button - and so the click event does not work.

Try  to add this CSS:

.woof_hide_auto_form {
z-index: 99999;



Add a JS code to process a click on your image