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filter title changes

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I created filters with checkboxes (in my case) and I would like to change the fonts (and other css layouts) of all the filter titles at once.

I understand that most probably I will need to change some css code in order to make it happen.

I would like to ask if there is an easy way to change all of the filter titles?

Do you have a working example so I can learn from it and maybe adjust it and quickly implement it for my case?

Any more related advice will be more than welcome.

Here is a screen shot of a title that I would like to change its font

Thank you,



To  change  titles -

CSS example -


Thank you for the css example. I implemented part of it and it really helped me start doing changes!

As part of the css changes I wanted also to change the "In Stock" checkbox text to my local language text.

I run on the chrome console the following code which worked successfully (so its actually changed the In Stock label):

var element = $("label[for=woof_checkbox_instock]").html("Op voorraad tonen");

But when I put the code in the plugin javascript section name "JavaScript code after AJAX is done" (under the Advanced tab..) it didn't work.

Can you check why its not working from the plugin, and suggest and working solution?

Thank you

Hello Pablo,

One more addition info to my previous question is about the JavaScript snippet not working is that in my case I disabled the ajax for the filters since it didn't work for me. I realized that the reset button didn't react - actually wasn't functioning. when I enabled the ajax (the filters themselves worked fine..). so eventually I disabled the ajax and it worked. (I disabled it in 2 places the the options->Try to ajaxify the shop and the other place is in the appearance->widgets->Form ajax redrawing)

I am not sure if there is connection between the 2 (the ajax and the JavaScript not working) but I thought it might be a useful information to have in order to put some light on the problem.

Also I would like to ask if the ajax is disabled will it be possible to still let JavaScript code run after the filters are being rendered?

This is an important feature regardless of the ajax as it opens up a lot of possibilities for users who are not able and dont want from whatever reason to enable the ajax.

I will wait for you suggestions about it.

Thank you.


Please read this -


add_filter( 'woof_ext_custom_title_by_instock' ,'woof_ext_custom_title');
function woof_ext_custom_title ($title){
return" ANY TEXT ";




Thank you for the answer.

I tried to add the code to the views->html_types->checkbox.php but I didn't understand where should I add the code.

I also read 

but it also didn't bring a clear answer.

Can you specify exactly where should I add the code you mentioned previously?

Thank you


Add  in functions.php of  your  current theme


Thank you, it worked :)