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Filter several Size Variation Attributes with one click only

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The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.
Hello, we are looking for a while now for a way to simplify the user experience to filter products by size. The objective is to filter several size variations with one click only.
For this shop, the sizes are set using Variation Attributes and only INSTOCK variations are displayed when a size is selected within the filter.
Each type of clothes has a different sizes"system". That explains why the size filter on the shop page is not user really friendly. For example, we would like to filter all the following Size Variation Attributes by clicking only one one button, which should be"0-6 months":
- 0-3 months,
- 0-6 months,
- 3 months,
- 6 months,
- 3-6 months.
We can easily create a Custom Taxonomy for a new simplified Size filter, with"0-6 months" for example, and apply it to the products with all the corresponding Size Variation Attributes. But that way, we are not able to display ONLY instock variations when 0-6 months is selected to filter products, because 0-6 months is NOT a variation.
But maybe we are half way to a solution...
Could you think about something please? Do you think with javascript and maybe URL rewrite we could successfully filter several Size Variation Attributes when a"Simplified" Size Custom Taxonomy is clicked within the filter, or something like that?
Thank you very much!

Here is an example of website we found with the Size filter the way we want (shop from Brazil, in Portuguese).

When you click the"40" button from the"TAMANHO" (size) filter, the filter applies several sizes, like"40" and"40,5".




Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature and we don't have a ready solution for you

In this case, you need code customization


Hey Pablo, could you help working on code customization?


Sure! You can ask questions about the code. If you have no experience in programming in this case, let your developer create a new  topic