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Filter on Category pages

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I have multiple categories - Size, Year, Subject. I also have a price filter and text box filter.

  1. Default Category page - The only filters that show are the Text and Price filter -
  2. Custom Link - When I create a custom link for the category, all the filters appear -

I would like all the filters to appear like #2 on the default Category pages.


On the category(taxonomy) page, the filter shows only child categories(taxonomies)
 This is a very logical behavior. On the category page, you can show ONLY products that belong to the category OR child category. It makes sense to show only child categories( of the current category ), because clicking on any other category will always give zero products   )

Ok, here is my situation. I have artwork that has multiple categories, one Category is Subject - Animals, Landscapes, another Category is Year - 2019, 2018. So if someone goes to the 2019 category I want them to also be able to then select a Subject like Animals, so they can then see all Artwork that is 2019 AND Animals. Is this not possible with your Plugin?


If you  need a menu - please use woocommerce   widget -

Unfortunately, it is not possible to show products on the category page that do not belong to the current category

Another question, when using the Attribute Search Filter, is there a way to have the results not return the product if that Attribute is Out of Stock? In my case I am selling artwork, there is only one Original and then Prints. So I want someone to be able to search for artwork where the Original is still available. Once the Original is sold then the Original attribute Stock Quantity goes to zero, so then if someone searches for Original Works this painting would no longer come up because the "Original" attribute stock level is zero.


Please  use  extension -  AND  check  options -

The problem with just "in stock" is that all the artwork will always be 'in stock' because you can get prints (one of the two attributes).  I need a way to set the "in stock" for a specific attribute "Original Print". This can be accomplished if someone clicks both Original Piece and In stock, but I would like them to only have to click "Original Piece", maybe there is a way to have "In Stock" selected by default?


Please read  this -