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Filter not showing at all

(new from 01-07-2019)

Good morning team!

I just installed the WOOF filter plugin, but it doesn't show at all either in the products pages or after a search.

The truth is I have an old version of Wordpress (5.2.2) because of the (tottaly fail) them I originally bought. Is that the issue?

Note that I'm not a proffesional programmer, just an amateur trying to save some €€€

Thanks in advance

Link to site :


I actually made it to appear, it was simple I had to just activate the microapp.

After making it work I found two issues. First I can't get it to show on the right side like everyone else and second the product category filter isn't actually a filter. At any given search it just shows all the categories even if the search doesn't have anything to do with most of them.

Thanks again


To  show  filter  in a sidebar - just add WOOF widget

Check  options please -