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Filter in the search page made by the user

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I use the search plugin "AJAX Search for WooCommerce" and I would like to know if it is possible with WOOF to be able to use the filters in a search made by the user?
If not, is it possible to do this with WOOF?
Thank you.


Not sure I understood you correctly.

please write this in more detail. You can use  screenshots  and  videos


Finally, I change my method.
I no longer use AJAX Search for WooCommerce but only WOOF.
However, when I do a search on a product, it does not lead to the product page.
Similarly, if I do a general search with a keyword, it doesn't return to the "search" page of woocommerce

Type "Voiture" in the search form ;)


It's working if I ajaxify the shop but I lose all the product layout.
What can I do about it? Whether or not with Ajax.
(I'm using BodyCommerce for the layout of the store, product etc.)


Try  in file \plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\ext\by_text\index.php  delete   this -

and do test

Thanks for the reply.
The search doesn't change anything, it just refreshes the shop without filtering anything.
I'll let you look at it:

Type "voiture" :)

EDIT : maybe I need to reinstall your plugin?


Ok! Try  to  move  this  line -

As an alternative solution:

Delete all code changes.  and  check  option -

I removed all the code changes.
I put "Links to posts in suggestion" => YES.
And now, during a search, when you click on a product it returns to the product page. This is good.
However, when I do a general search with the word "voiture" for example, it still does not return to the "search" page but to a "blank" page.
Thanks for the reply !


Did  you  do  this ?


Yes. However, the filter doesn't work properly. It filters anything. Type "Voiture" and you will see.
Look at the screenshots too ;) - Is that correct ? - I wrote "Voiture" and I clicked on the search icon. Look at the URL.


Ok! Drop me wp-admin+FTP access -

It's done ;) Thanks



Try  now  please.

Yes it's working. However, regardless of the word, the drop-down list displays the same items (in alphabetical order, such as "voiture", "bois", "camion", type these words and you will see"). But once you press the enter key, the good results are displayed. Is it possible to fix the problem?
Look at the screenshot.
Thanks ;)

EDIT : Sometimes, when I search for articles (either with text or checkbox) with your plugin, it "breaks" my site. Refreshing the page with F5 fixes the problem. Where can the problem come from?
Look at the screenshot :



Please  do test!


Yeah everything is fine. Thanks ;)

Another thing, how to translate "Products not found" in the search form ?


As standard string in any plugins

I can no longer modify the settings of the elements or columns (but I can duplicate or delete, but not modify the settings…), when you fixed my problem, is it possible that it created a bug? (look at the screenshots 😉)

Thank you.



I think  no!  But  you  can test  it - disable the  text extension