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Filter don't works fine on category page

(new from 01-07-2019)

Hi !

the WOOF works like a charm on my shop' s homepage :

but on my categories's page, there are two problems :

  1. for exemple :
    there should be only filters for the current category, while I have all the filters…
  2. and inevitably when I try to filter, I have no results

the woof is integrate in my sidebar, and the permalinks are :

  • Common Settings -> Post Name (/%postname%/)
  • Product permalink base -> /recompenses/%product_cat%/

What settings do not I correct? Lot of thanks for your help !


Hello Sophie

Paste your license key here -

Looks like this is not a category page.

To  test:  add  this  code  in functions.php

add_action("wp_head", function(){
echo "Is category page!!!";
echo "NO!";

Hi Pablo! i paste my licence;

i test the add_action, it's the category page and the woof does'nt work like i want; thanks for your help !



i'ts work fine in home page :

but no in catagory page




Ok!  Please  drop  me  wp-admin+FTP access ( ) I will  check  it

done !-) thanks


Please  add  FTP host address

ok done


Please do test!


it works fine on my category page after re-display in my sidebar the widget; what have you change / set up ?

but on my shop page : how to do work ? because it isn't a category page…


Oups… i reply so far…

so, it doesn't work…

example :
the filter data are corrects, but when i want to filter… nothing appear…


and how to do on my home page (shop pag > it's not a category page)




It looks like it's a problem with your theme. You  can  disable  my  plugin  and  try  this  link -

Then  install  another  theme and try this link again


If  no  luck - please  drop me  link  to  login (wp-admin - wp-admin does not work)

Can  I deactivate  plugins/theme  to  test?