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Filter bug

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Hello Plugin US,


I see this bug is also at your demo plugin, so I am not sure if you guys are able to fix it.


Well this is the situation:

We have a webshop:

When you press on category 'Gezicht'

This page will open:


If users will go the a sub-category, for example Acne, 7 products should be active in the overview. But this is not happening, because the main category is also check-marked, and it shows all products, which is not really customer friendly (and stupid in my opinion).


How can I make the plugin that if the sub-category is checked, that the main category is turn-ed off? Or how I disable main category from filters?

Hope there is a solution for this problem,


Kind regards,


Hello Immanuel

This is not a bug.

These are your filter settings, and in more detail this is the comparison logic. In your case, it's OR. Try changing this in advanced options to"AND"

Hello Pablo,


Ye its not a bug, its just customer not friendly. I tried your method 'AND' it works with selecting a head-category, with sub-category. But then If I select multiple sub-categories it doesn't show the items which the customer wants.


Any other solution for this? Or best I try other plugin?


But then If I select multiple sub-categories it doesn't show the items which the customer wants. - It means that there are no products that have these subcategories at the same time.

There is only one comparison logic within one taxonomy. And you have to choose from three options - OR, AND, NOT IN  But there is no way to mix it in within one taxonomy