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faster editing?

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Is it possible to make editing products faster?

I mean, some fields instead of allowing to directly write on click, open a pop up, wich makes everything teribly slow.

Why not all fields simply allow fast writing? Also navigation from field to field would be faster if"TAB","ENTER","ARROWS" keys could be always used, instead of having to mouse click.

We have to create and edit many products every day, and would be great to be able to skip Terms Selection / Creation Pop Up, and simply make it a Excel like table.

Also columns width could be resizable. Right now having to depend on mouse to get from one field to another is very very slow.


The speed depends on your server and device

I will pass  your advices to the developers

Maybe my bad english, I never meant the speak about the page loading speed. Only about editing speed. Because we use many custom taxonomy, and it seems that your plugin opens a pop up to edit those kind of field, wich in our case makes editing teribly slow.

Thank you.


OK!  I understood you. The speed depends on your server and device

I will pass  your advices to the developers