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(Dynamic) Custom Tax Lable?

(new from 01-07-2019)
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As a developer, I'm working for a customer that wishes to have the category filter name (custom_tax_label) changing when a sub-category has been filtered.

How would one implement a dynamic prefixed title to the existing taxonomy label title?

Following is an example describing what the customer wishes:


E.g. product category structure:

Root-Category: A
 - Sub-category: AA
 - Sub-category: AB
 - ...

Root-Category: B
 - Sub-category: BA
 - Sub-category: BB
- ...

E.g. if sub-category AB is filtered:

Category Filter:

A_name + custom_tax_label
 - AA
 - AB
 - ...

E.g. if sub-category BA is filtered:

Category Filter:

B_name + custom_tax_label
 - BA
 - BB
 - ...

This would make the title of the category widget become tailored to specific sub-categories, and very useful when activating "Hide empty terms".

Is there by any chance an existing Filter Hook I can use to implement the logic described above?


Unfortunately the plugin does not have such a hook.

If you want to do this without changing the plugin code - you need JS customization