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default currency not shows first and GEO is good

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Hello dear. I have problem with default currency, you can check in video, my default currency is set to RSD when people coming from Serbia. It not shows first RSD, it shows EUR and after 1-2 seconds it shows RSD, how to avoid this delay and problem. In GEO settings its Serbia for RSD. I use WP Rocket plugin for cookies, maybe something with this two not good.

Website is . Can we find a reason why this happens,because people who have bad internet connection,delay is very large for them. My problem happens sometime, its not always.after i clear cookies, it happens to be fine for sometime. But anyway my default currency need to be RSD ,not EUR, because that this is not logic to me. Check video, i catch in first product what happen

Hello Boris

After the page is fully loaded, the plugin checks the currency and redraws the prices. This is needed for cached pages. Option -

To hide this process -

Hi, thanks for answer.

I ussed this preloader before but its so slow in this case when people have slow internet.  Also cache option in your plugin is activated in this case. I upload my wordpress data ,you can check settings from your plugin in my website. I put default currency RSD, so when i enter from Serbia, by default it need to be RSD not first EUR than RSD (EUR is for some other countrys) I want to say, plugin not need to redraw price when its default RSD and first need to RSD in any case for redraws, if you catch me.


I ussed this preloader before but its so slow - It won't slow down your site, it's just CSS.  If you want to reduce loading time - optimize your site

Ok!  Disable  this  option -

 I put default currency RSD, so when i enter from Serbia, by default it need to be RSD not first EUR than RSD (EUR is for some other countrys) - It doesn't depend on my plugin! This is your page cache. My plugin cannot manage the cache on your page

Hi , I disabled this option and after enter it shows price in EUR and welcome currency is RSD and geopip is RSD for my ip (Serbia). I will ask WPROCKET team also whats going on. need to fix this issue its live website...



 need to fix this issue its live website... - There is no issue

I described to you how it works!  Unfortunately, my plugin cannot influence what data is cached on the page.

Let's imagine that the cache stores a page with RSD, it's great for you.  But for a person who came from the European Union, there will be  RSD that will be redrawn in EUR.

The cache stores a copy of the page regardless of me or you


Hello, thank you for reply and help.

I contact wprocket team to fix this issue, when i turn off wprocket everthing back to normal. So it seams this two plugins not so compatible. I just want to find a way to exlude products prices from cache.


You can close ticket, Thanks

Ok!  welcome;)