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Date translating - WOOT

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I have same problem as guy had couple days ago. I did everything you have advised but it isn't working.

What I did:

  • Edited Woocommerce.php code
  • Translated date through Loco Translate
  • Translated date through Vocabulary
  • Used hook and added code to functions.php

I'm still seeing "April" as month, although I've translated it to another word.

Thanks for help


Try  in  file  - plugins\woot-products-tables\profiles\woocommerce\woocommerce.php  - add code -

setlocale(LC_TIME, get_locale());
return strftime('%d %B %Y', strtotime($post->post_date));


sorry but I already tried it. In my first post I said I edited woocommerce.php code.

And it still isn't working. No idea what more can I do.


Ok ! Please  drop  me wp-admin+FTP access  - ->

Building on localhost. Can't do that. Can u guide me what can I do next?

Thanks :)


Unfortunately, I don’t know why this doesn’t work on your site. And so I need access to investigate this.

What do you need to check?


I  need  wp-admin  access to  check  settings  and  FTP  access  to a  folder  of  my  plugin

I can screenshot you everything you need to check. Just tell me which files :) Can't give you wp-admin access, because it's on localhost.


Drop  me  screenshots  of  your  changes on woot-products-tables\profiles\woocommerce\woocommerce.php

and the table  on  front-end

I'm sorry, already changed it to only number format. Couldn't wait forever for solution. Thank you though.




For users who have also problem with this. Just go into woocommerce.php file in plugin-folder\profiles\woocommerce\.

Remove line starting with "return date..." (should be 851) and replace it with:

setlocale(LC_TIME, get_locale()); --- this line is propably useless in this temporary fix, haven't tested, so don't rely on it
return strftime('%d. %m. %Y', strtotime($post->post_date)); --- my date is looking as this - 7.5.2021 (day,month,year)

d - day (number format), m - month (number format), y - year (4 digit year) --- these parameters can be found here -

You can also change the order of them in "return strftime" line or exchange them for other parameters from site.




Ok!  Thank you  for  cooperation