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Currency Switcher widget doesn't work if anchor (#) in page's URL

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Good day. I have a website (see link in private) that has a homepage with onePage scroll plugin with sections, each section has an anchor (#p-1, #p-2, #p-3 etc). While scrolling through each section, an anchor is added to the URL of the page (, etc) to keep href's in right-side menu workable.

But while the anchor link is added to the page's adress bar (during scrolling), and you select a currency in the widget, the request is not sent (but the request parameters are added to the address bar immediately after the anchor's parameters, like, and it is duplicated when pressed repeatedly - Disabling anchors will adversely affect site navigation, is there any other way to solve this problem?

I will gladly buy the full version of this useful plugin to support multiple currencies, but this problem greatly reduces its value for my site


in file - wp-content\plugins\currency-switcher\js\front.js  change  this  function  -

function wpcs_redirect(currency) {
if (!wpcs_sumbit_currency_changing) {

var l = window.location.href;

//for #id navigation l = l.replace(/(#.+$)/gi, '');
l = l.split("#");
var anch="";
if(typeof l[1]!='undefined'){
l = l[0];

l = l.split('?');
l = l[0];

var string_of_get = '?';
wpcs_array_of_get.currency = currency;
l = l.replace(/(\?currency=[a-zA-Z]+)/g, '?');
l = l.replace(/(&currency=[a-zA-Z]+)/g, '');

if (Object.keys(wpcs_array_of_get).length > 0) {

string_of_get += decodeURIComponent(jQuery.param(wpcs_array_of_get));

window.location = l + string_of_get+anch;

AND  comment  these  lines -

Do  test  please!

It worked! I appreciate you, and I hope this will be added in the next update


I hope this will be added in the next update - Yes!