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Creates only one attribute bulk variation

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Ive tried to attach new attributes to my variations but only one attribute is attatched.


It should be creating 2 more attributes? Seems like it is replacing it instead?

Awesome plugin btw have been using it for a long time.!

I have dedicated the evening to figure this out. It seems like in the Plugin the changes are showing but it doesn't leave the plugin.

I'm missing something. Could you please help?


Please  paste the  correct license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -

To get  license  key - ->

It should be creating 2 more attributes? Seems like it is replacing it instead? - I will  check it





OK done!

please  check your  access

Cookiebar blocked your acess. I have diabled it for now. I updated the admin cred.


I  did a test

attribute is added -

Do you understand the issue?. Attribute was added but only one variation was selected.


Everything works correctly on my site

Please add  FTP access - ->

Can I disable  plugins  to  test?

I dont have access to the FTP. Why do you need that.?
I can install Filemanager plugin and you get access to the files that way?

Disable plugins if you want =)


Ok!  You  can  try  in  file - \wp-content\plugins\woo-bulk-editor\ext\bulkoperations\bulkoperations.php  change  this  code -

//if such attribute not selected in the parent product Attributes tab lets attach it here
$parent_terms = wc_get_product_terms($product_id, $selected_attribute, array('fields' => 'ids'));
if (!in_array($set['value'], $parent_terms)) {
$p_terms = $parent_terms;
$t = get_term_by('slug', sanitize_text_field($set['value']), $selected_attribute);
$parent_terms[] = $t->term_id;

$this->products->update_page_field($product_id, $selected_attribute, $parent_terms);


Nice work Pablo! That did the trick.! Now I could change the attribute as i wanted in no time! =) Cheers.! And again thanks for the awesome plugin!


Great!  Welcome;)