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Controlling search display

(new from 01-07-2019)

I have set up set up woof search on my page below.

1/ When I do a search the results are sometimes shown on the same page. Sometimes they are shown on a new page. I want to control if the user sees the search filter at the top after a search is made. Also I want to control whether the user is redirected to a new page or not.

How do I do that?

2/ After you do a search, The "Search" and "Reset" Buttons are both blue and stuck together. How do I control their colors and separate them?

You can see these questions on this video link-



  1. This is the same page. The filter uses a shop template to display products. To change this behavior - plugin settings->Advanced->Options -
  2. Try this  CSS:




.woof_reset_search_form .woof_submit_search_form{



Hi I have changed swoof settings but the results are still displayed on a different page :(

Here is the video


Ok! to show products on this  page -   try to use [woof_products]