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CONTENT column open with ajax saving + category description

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Hello, I need to bulk edit the contents of my pages, but now there is only a button to open each page content. It's a problem for me because I need to see if the pages are still empty or not just from the table. The button is slowing me a lot. I'd like to have the ability to decide weither I want to show the content field with the button or a text area directly editable so I can simply watch what's inside and modify inline like for the title.

I have 200 pages most of them empty where I need to insert a small intro very quickly.
I know long page contents would be a problem in a table but to avoid this, maybe being able to see the contents only before a pagebreak ? I will need to keep this intro up-to-date all the time. Hope you have an idea for me to hook a little bit your plugin in order to do that.

Also, it would be awesome if I could see the Categories description. That would help because my intro and the category description will always be the same.
The way I would see it would be to have inside the Categories windows an icon button on the left of each categories to unfold in accordion the text content for the description in this category. And a global button to keep open all descriptions and close them.

Like this
With editing ability ? ^^

Anyway, I love your plugin, it's the best ! Happy new year !


Ok!  Thank  you   for  your  suggestions

I think we will add a function to filter by empty fields  in  the new  version

And  we will also add a description of the categories, but most likely without the possibility of editing

Great ! But you didn't answer for the first issue and that's the most important. How can I have a direct editing of my pages content into the table ? not a "content" button.

The empty function is good but I will still have to open contents window all the time...


 But you didn't answer for the first issue and that's the most important. - unfortunately it will be very difficult because the content will take up a lot of space. As an alternative, I am thinking of adding a filter for empty fields.After filtering, you will be sure that all content fields are empty

Isn't it possible to retreave the content like the excerpt does maybe ? With a limit of caracters to show in the table. A limit we could set up as we please.


Ok! I'll  pass  it to the developers