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Change layout of variations table

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We got some customization problem. We want to add parent featured image on the Variations table (before the variants). We sell swimwear (each piece has 20 sizes = variants), so when you click "Select" on the WOOT, the variations table pops up. Is there a way to customize it?


Look here how this works for me:


Please  check  this  option -

Yes, I've seen that already.

But there is no parent picture. There is an option called eg "Featured" but none of the options show parent's featured image.

Moreover, the question is little bit different - is there a way to eg. add variations table's php file to theme's folder for edditing? Simply, is there a way to override variations' table layout/php file.


But there is no parent picture. - There are images of the variation -

 is there a way to eg. add variations table's php file to theme's folder for edditing - it will always be a table, All you can do with a table is add columns -

It won't help me achieve what I need.

So, another approach I came up with is to make script in javascript that adds featured parent photo. To achieve this I need to have parent SKU/ID on the variations table popup.

Would I find this information there? If not, is there a way to add parent SKU and/or ID to that table? It would let me look up for parent featured image (and other informations) and would let me to show it on the variations popup.


It would also help me achieve the second desire - it would let me to add arrows (left/right) to the variations table popup, that would change variations table to the NEXT/PREV product. And I would really like to let my clients to walk through each product without leaving variations table popup (it would save A LOT of clicks :P)


Thanks for your support :)


Please  try  to  check  it -  -  If you look at the code, you will see that the function has a product (variant) ID.  To  get  parent  product -