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Category Images + only available categories visible

(new from 01-07-2019)

Hi there,

I have two questions concerning the plugin.

First, the only reason I bought the plugin actually, was for using the category images. When I select Categories as a filter though, and select "images", I am invited to load images for the top categories only (after pressing 'toggle image terms'). Is there a way to load and use images for the child categories as well? I have two levels.

Second, I wonder if it is possible to show the available options only, concerning the selections previously made. So let's say I have products in the categories Red, Blue and Black, measures XL and L, but not one product matching both L and Black. The idea is that when I select L the option Black should disappear as an option from selecting, and if I select the option Black the L should disappear for the users to select. Is that possible with this plugin and if so, how are the settings needed?

best regards,

Kees Alders



your purchase key can not be validated, please login into codecanyon account and duplicate your message there on the plugin forum, just copy/paste

  1. Unfortunately, the plugin does not have such a feature. The image shows only parent taxonomies. In another case, you need to customize the code
  2. Check these  options please -