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Cannot install update December 2020 and Binded editing not working anymore

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Hello, for some reason the binded editing function doesn't seem to be working anmore. There is a new update, which I have dowloaded and opened the zip file but I cannot see a set up or install step. Don't know if htese things are connected. Advice please.

Thanks, Diane


Update  plugin to latest  version -

Paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -


Hello, Sorry I was not able to try out your suggestion until now. However, in trying to make the auto update for wp plugins I followed the advice in creating the token but the next step did not work as when I tried to get to "wp-admin/admin.php?page=envato-market " I got the following message:

"Entschuldigung, Die URL dieser Zeitung ist jetzt   Sie werden innerhalb von 5 Sekunden dorthin weitergeleitet" which re-directed me to an on-line newspaper: "WP-Admin: wordPress Admin Dail, Techniques and tools for WP web site administration" where there was no text input possibility to paste the token and save changes. So I was unable to complete.

What should I do now?

Thanks, Diane


Hello Diane

In this case, you should contact envato support

OR  just  delete  the  old  version  and  install the  new  version. All  settings  will  be  saved


Hello Pablo,

I contacted Envato but they were not able to help me and adised I contact you again. I wanted to install a new version from within WP  but am only able to download a zip file of the plus in onto my computer and I find myself with the same problem as at the beginning when I wanted to install the update - I don't see how to install the files into my WP site!

How should I go about this?



Hello Diane

I contacted Envato but they were not able to help me and adised I contact you again - This is simply not possible, their update plugin does not work and they advise you to contact me

What is the plugin(WOOBE) version number you are currently using?

Please paste your license key here - ->


I have version v. and the 'binded editing' function no longer works, which is why it would be greta to get the update.



Hello Diane

Please  delete  this  old  version

Download  the  new version -  and  install  it

Read  this -

If  no  luck - drop  me wp-admin access

Dear Pablo,

Thanks I have been able to install the new plugin now and the binded editing seems to work again.

This page was useful for me:


Ok!  Great