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can't load WooCommerce Products Filter utility

(new from 01-07-2019)
I have the phenomenon of not being able to load the utilities in the list. I have overcome the cause of Hosting but still cannot.
Help me with you guys.


Please  disable autoptimize plugin and  do test

Paste your license key here -

I followed the instructions you requested

"Please  disable autoptimize plugin and  do test."

it was before I installed autoptimize. I also turned off but no changes


Ok!  Please drop me wp-admin access -

Yes, I have followed your instructions


Ok! Paste  FTP access

Can I disable plugins/theme  to test?

I sent the required FTP account. Well you can turn off the Plugin to check.


It seems this is a conflict of the current theme with Ajax mode.

I  changed theme -

I am thankful for the problem.
Let me ask if there is any way to change the friendly filter link.
For example: /? Swoof = 1 & pa_anh-sang = 4200k & really_curr_tax = 67-product_cat.

The change link will be: / anh-sang = 4200k


Unfortunately this is not possible.

If you want to change the stationary link  -