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Bulk Editor no longer working

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I schedule sales for my client twice a month.  Last month and this month the sales I had scheduled did not work.  It is costing my client a lot of money as I have to do the work twice because your plugin stopped working.  As you can see from this screenshot this is what it looked like when the sale went live.  Each product shows it is on sale but the price is wrong (it's not discounted):

Here is what it looks like within your plugin.  As you can see the sale prices are correct, even though they are not being displayed correctly on the front end.

I had to clear out all of the sales, then re-enter them, which tells me the schedule sales functionality is not working properly.   I noticed one difference.  For variable products, the price was correct on the front-end but they weren't showing up on my Sale page because Wordpress wasn't registering them as on sale, so I had to redo all of those sales as well.  This has happened 2 times in the past month.



My plugin does not affect the schedule sales functionality .  My plugin only changes data

OK!  I  will  check  it

I'm sorry but I don't know what you are talking about. Your plugin allows me to schedule sales and that functionality is not working as you can see.


My plugin only allows you to change the date. application and tracking of discounts is woocommerce functionality

We are doing a test now


My  test -  - my plugin is disabled. I made the settings through the standard product editing page

And as soon as I go to the site as an administrator, the price will be displayed correctly

Look for the problem in other plugins