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Bulk Editing only affects first variation

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This is a multiple step problem, so here's what's happening...

  1. I run a filter for a certain color (Analog)
  2. The product that comes in that color is listed (1 product, 4 variations)
  3. I run a Bulk Edit to append "-NLG" to the SKU
  4. Only the first variation is affected
  5. I run the same Bulk Edit again (no changes, just press the button again)
  6. This time, the 1st and 2nd variations are affected (the first variation now has "-NLG-NLG" appended to its SKU)
  7. I run the same Bulk Edit again
  8. Now the first 3 variations are affected (1st variation has "-NLG-NLG-NLG" appended, and 2nd one has "-NLG-NLG" appended to its SKU)
  9. I now open the History Tab and see all 3 instances of the Bulk Edit operation I just ran
  10. It shows that it affected 5 products each time!
  11. I click Undo on the last one I ran...  It processes...
  12. The SKUs are still all showing the appended "-NLGs" - nothing was undone
  13. I click Undo on the 2nd Bulk Edit I ran...  It processes...
  14. Nothing is undone, still the same
  15. I click Undo on the 1st Bulk Edit I ran...  It processes...
  16. Still nothing changed - the first 3 variations still have those "-NLGs" appended to them (3 instances to the 1st variation, 2 to the 2nd and 1 to the 3rd variation)

Can someone please help?  Thank you!


When I ran the filter, 7 lines were displayed (1 main and its 6 variations).  Then, I first ran the Bulk Editor, and only the first

(ignore the last line of my post above!)

There is one more issue that I am encountering.  Since the Bulk Edit Undo is not working in the case above, I tried to manually edit the variations to remove the appended "-NLGs" from the SKUs, and it won't let me.  It says "Saving", then "Saved" and reverts back to the SKU with the "-NLGs" appended...

Thank you for any help!


Please  add  wp-admin access - ->  I will  check  it


Just sent the login details!

Thanks! :)

Sorry, I forgot to apply the settings for the Admin access.  It's now active.  Thanks!


I  got it. Variations do not change randomly

Please  drop me FTP access - ->

Can I disable  plugins to test?