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Bulk Edit Sale Price - Products without sale price have 0.00

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Hi there,

I am a bit confused if I used the bulk edit in the right way. Recently I was trying to change all sale prices. Therefore I have used the bulk editor and increased the prices with 10%. On the first view everything worked well and all sale prices were increased. Furthermore all products which haven't a sale price before, stayed 0.00 which was looking good for me. But the strange thing was, that this was the live price on the frontend now.

So products without a sale price did have one after the bulk editing and the price was 0.00. Did I anything wrong there? Can you help here? Thanks in advance.


Hello Martin

Try  in file  - wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-bulk-editor\classes\models\products.php   add  this  code -

if($field_key == 'sale_price' AND $value<0){

Then try to  delete  sale  price( sale price with 0.00  ) - set  it as  -1

Hi Pablo,

thanks for you quick help.

Does this mean, that I need to set every sale price a value of -1 manually, if the product actually doesn't have a sale price? That would be a huge task :)


You can do it  in bulk edit

Ok thanks. Can you show me what I need to edit to receive this result?


Please watch video -

Thanks so far for your help. I need to ask how I could manage this, if some products do have a sale price which is more than 0 and I don't want to overwrite them?

By the way. Is there an update planned? I was reporting a bug a while ago and you have sent me some code which I have included in the php files. But so far there was no update with that code.



Do  search  please -

The new version passes final testing

Thanks so far. This was working.

But for any reason, all products which have a sale price (no matter what amount), do now have the same "regular price" like the sale price is. This means I do see two times the same price. Is there a way to solve this?



not sure if it depends on my plugin.

Check out third-party plugins that can affect prices.

if  no luck   - Please  drop me  wp-admin access -