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Bug 2

(new from 01-07-2019)
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Hi again,

when i select the some authors variation products, i dont open variation section.

here it is:

can you please fix this?



Ok!  I passed it  to the developers.


Try in file  - "\wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-bulk-editor\classes\models\products.php"  add  code -

// fix for variation
if ($field_key === 'post_author') {
$children = $product->get_children();
if (!empty($children)) {
foreach($children as $var_id){
'ID' => $var_id,
$field_key => $value

i tried it, problem still continue..

when i filter by author in products editor section, variation option not open. but if i dont filter anything it opening.


check video:


change the author for this product and do test please

Hi there, i diagnose this error reason;

i created this products with "a" user and i changed author name with "b" user. if "b" user have products i dont see variations but if  "a" have products (creator user) than i can see the variations.

can you please fix this bug ASAP?


It  fixed -   I did  test.

still i dont open variations this products.

i added the private data, can you please check?



I fixed it a long time ago! And he said to fix it you need to change the author again

My test -


Calm down please dear Pablo, i am just trying to understand, i saw that first row column author same the others, so how can i fix this problem ?

can you please light me?

Thank you my friend.

okey my friend,

i solved that problem, thanks for helping :)

Good evening.