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Breadcrumbs Disappears

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The breadcrumbs shown at WooCommerce Categories are disappearing after a filter has been chosen.

To reproduce this I'm using the following setup (a fresh install):

WordPress 5.2.3 with Twenty Sixteen theme
WooCommerce 3.7.0 and Sample Products
WooCommerce Products Filter 2.2.2

Is there a quick solution for this, even if it has to do with coding (maybe changing a template or hook)?

I think the reason being that a WooCommerce Category page is redirected to the Shop page, after a filter has been chosen?

The breadcrums seems to be showing fine when activating "Try to ajaxify the shop".


You are  right!

You  can  change  this  behavior - Advanced->Options -

And  add  CSS:

.woof_search_is_going nav.woocommerce-breadcrumb{
display: block !important;

Do test  please

Sorry if I wasn't clear in my last post. I did solve it, so the CSS wasn't nessesary.

Thank you for the quick support!


Great! Welcome;)

Hi again,

Unfortunately I discovered another situation with the "breadcrumbs".

They are showing, but not correctly when I change the filters from the URL query.

I have given an example below:


1. Category breadcrumbs, but not category filter

If I link to a category I see the category breadcrumbs as standard:

URL: http://example.test/product-category/categoryA/
Breadcrumbs: HOME / SHOP / CATEGORYA (<-- correct)
Filter: nothing happens... (<-- wrong)

I can then select a sub category in the filter and still have the breadcrumbs as shown above.

2. Category filter, but not Category breadcrumbs

When I also activate the category filter from the category link, then the breadcrumbs changes to the shop:

URL: http://example.test/product-category/categoryA/?swoof=1&product_cat=categoryA
Breadcrumbs: HOME / SHOP (<-- wrong)
: CategoryA has been selected in the category filters (<-- correct)


Is there a way to let the category filter be set automatically, when a product-category page is requested?


Did  you  check this  option -

I'm not sure I understood you correctly

The filter should not be added to breadcrumbs

Hi, I'm sorry for the confusion, I made a mistake in the example so the above is working fine!

So this is working:

URL: http://example.test/product-category/categoryA/
Breadcrumbs: HOME / SHOP / CATEGORYA (<-- correct)
Filter: Category filters changes to show children of current category page. (<-- correct)


What seemed to be the problem was something else, so I should properly have made a new ticket instead, sorry!


When a sub-category without children is selected it seems that the category filters disappears (and breadcrumbs showing fine).

URL: http://example.test/product-category/categoryA/sub-categoryA
Breadcrumbs: HOME / SHOP / CATEGORYA / SUB-CATEGORY (<-- correct)
Filter: No category filters shown.

I could say "Hide empty terms" = false, but this is not what the client wishes.

What would be nice, is to still see all sub-categories from the parent category filter, something like "Hide empty terms, except siblings without children"

Is there a recommended class I can inherit to implement this logic?

UPDATE for the reply above:

Sorry I have to write again, since I cannot edit the reply.

Just wanted to change the texts so it only said "Hide empty terms, except siblings" (should not apply for root-categories)

Thats it!


On the category(taxonomy) page, the filter shows only child categories(taxonomies)
 This is a very logical behavior. On the category page, you can show ONLY products that belong to the category OR child category. It makes sense to show only child categories( of the current category ), because clicking on any other category will always give zero products   )