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Binding Editing doesn't work anymore

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Hi there,

unfortunately on my end the binding editing option did stop to work. Is there anything I could check to solve it? In detail the "operation" of the bulk editing is starting and the "finished" message appears, but unfortunately the products aren't edited. I have marked all products which I want to edit.

Thanks Martin

Hello Martin

what version number are you using?

Hi Pablo

I am using version 2.0.7.

Hello Martin

Paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -

Done ;)


I  did a test - - everything seems to be working correctly



Thanks Pablo. I have did a test too and you are right, the most things working fine. But I have found out that the binding editing doesn't work on description elements. In example if I have an image or text in the short description and want to remove or add it on all products, this doesn't work. Can you check this please again? By the way, on the history tab I didn't see your changes.


My  test  with  short description -

My  test  with description -

Thanks for your test, Pablo.

You are right that the binding editing (add anything) is working. But if you want to delete anything, in example a picture, it doesn't work via the binding editing. Your edits wasn't deleted too, even if the short description content was empty again in the Bulk Editor. See here ->

That's the actual issue. Adding is working but deleting isn't...


Ok!  Great!  My  test -

Hey Pablo,

we have a misunderstanding here. Even if the content in the short description isn't visible, it is on the frontend and in the short description if you open the product via the inbuilt woo editor. I have made a screencast. I hope you can help me here.

By the way. I have cleared every kind of Cache. I will now delete the "test" words from the products.



then there is a problem with the cache

Thats odd. I have tested it in another browser and the result was the same. What I ask myself is, why the content deletes the media but not the text? Furthermore why the content is not only visible on the frontend but also in the short description of the product page in the backend? Thats makes no sense for me. Hope you can help me here. Thanks so far....


My  test -

I think the problem is in the empty field. To  delete  all  data  in field  please  set a space " "

I See. Now everything is working as expected. So I only need to type in a space :) Thank you very much for your help.


 So I only need to type in a space :)  - Now yes. But we'll fix it