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Variations not filtering

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I have the premium version of bear and when I put filters in and toggle variations on. The variations that are returned are not filtered, are they meant to be?

it seems to just give me every variation. But I want to see all variations that meet the filter criteria only.

Also when i am looking at the variations I want to use the columns to see what variation I am editing however ever variation has the X to indicate its not relevant


Please  watch videos -  and

Hi Thank you for your response however my query has nothing to do with Meta data. Unless there is somthing I am missing. I tried to follow but in the meta data fields they do not have the information I am trying to filter the variations by. I have created a quick video to show what I am trying to do.

In the first part i use bear to try and filter variation and I do not get what I expect. Then I used a different plugin with the same filters and I get what i expect. Can you please explain what I am doing wrong. I do not beleive the videos above are what I want to do


also both of those videos are the same


sorry for the video. It looks like this is a problem with the documentation site.  New  links -  AND

these videos will show you how to work with variations


Hey, did you happen to watch my video as these don't answer my question either. I am trying to filter the variations using the filters. Is it possible?


Is it possible? - No! But you can do it in another way. And if you watch the video you will learn how to work with variants.