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All products affected when Bulk Editing / Exporting

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We can successfully create a filter that brings back the correct amount of records.
However, when we perform the Bulk Edit or even an Export, all records are affected / exported.

For example, if we filter all Gold Subscription products that renew Monthly, we are presented with 1841 records (out of over 11092).
However, when we try to change the price of these in the Bulk Edit screen, or try to download these records, all 11092 are affected.

Can you please help with this?


It looks like a conflict with the caching plugin.  please  disable  it  to test

What plugin version number are you using?

Hi Pablo,

Thanks for the reply - we have no caching plugin active, and any caching plugin we use wouldn't be active when logged in.

We are using Version of BEAR - Bulk Editor and Products Manager.

It's not that simple, it is possible with transient caching. And it's worth doing a test without caching plugins

Hi Pablo, I have double-checked and there is no caching present on the website's hosting environment.


Ok!  Please  create  a test  export.

Compare this file with the file in - wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-bulk-editor\ext\export\__exported_files\

The file in :


Has all 11000 rows, and has not been affected by the filter.


Ok!  In this  case  try  it, please( ) -

Hi we tried the above and it works.

Is this the definitive solution? Or is there now something we need to do make this work without adding the code to the functions.php file?


Is this the definitive solution? - Yes.  I recommend that you use a child theme